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Sunday afternoon Moore County Board of Education Member Laura Lang sat down with Aberdeen Times and WRAL TV for an interview about the issues surrounding the recent School Board decision to fire Robert Grimesey.

The following is the statement made by Mrs Lang:

"Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address some of the rumors and speculation that has fueled public outcry regarding the action taken by the Moore County Board of Education last Thursday. I fully understand that in the age we live, when we share nearly everything on social media, that people are frustrated that I have not revealed confidential personnel information regarding my decision last Thursday. However, I am not hiding from anyone; I am obeying the law. Unless and until Dr Grimesy waives his rights to confidentiality, I will continue to obey privacy laws.

During my seven years of service to the Board of Education, I have always put the best interest of students, teachers, and administrators of Moore County Schools first in all of my decisions. In fact, I have volunteered countless hours in our schools, supporting our teachers and students. I am saddened that some of the people I have supported for so long have disagreed with my decision without the facts that informed my decision.

The resignation of three Board members were not motivated by doubt about their decisions last Thursday, but instead as a result of personal attacks and threats they've received. I will not allow bullying and intimidation to dictate what I know and believe to be the correct course of action.

If public opinion sways the Board and Dr. Grimesey is reinstated, as is my legal obligation, I will do my best to work with him to address my concerns.

I will not resign my position with the Board of Education. I am an official elected by the citizens of Moore County and I will continue to do my best to serve their interest. I will not shirk that legal obligation, and I intend to complete the term for which I was elected."

In follow-up questions with our reporter, Mrs Lang stated that "It's an unfortunate reflection on Moore County and its citizens that public rumors and innuendo have been reported as facts and that people in support of the Board's action are afraid to let their voices be heard."

She went on to say "Another completely false rumor is based on a photo of Kathy Farren, Cathy McRae, former superintendent Dr. Susan Purcer and I at Dr. Purcer's home in Greensboro. We were not there to discuss any of the business of Moore County Schools, but instead to visit her – as we do frequently and this time was to celebrate our birthdays and to see her newly renovated home. No Moore County Schools business was discussed during the visit."

Board Member Lang ended the interview by saying that she would vote the same way if she had the chance to do it all over again.

We are continuing to follow the story surrounding the Moore County School Board and the School Superintendent and will update readers as additional information becomes available


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