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This is the fifth year the Carolina Philharmonic brings Carnegie Hall’s “Link Up” program for 3rd through 5th grades students in Moore County.

“Link Up” is a highly participatory program that pairs orchestras across the country with schools in their local communities, inviting students to learn about orchestral repertoire through a yearlong, hands-on music curriculum. Each year focuses on specific concepts, including rhythm, melody, tempo, orchestration, and composition.

This year's “Link Up” program is called; “The Orchestra Rocks” It presents elements of rhythm and groove with exceptional music selections from Verdi, Stravinsky, Orff, and other well-known classical composers.

Every Year Carnegie Hall delivers materials for students, as well as resources for teachers in partnership with the Carolina Philharmonic who provides more than 1000 recorders and a final live orchestral performance with the Carolina Philharmonic at R. E. Lee Auditorium.

To add to the musical educational experience, a local musician visits schools to give a glimpse of what students will expect at the culminating concert in April. Kent Murphy, son of the Reverend Paul Murphy, is the guest artist for the 2017-18 school visits.

 “My experience as this year’s Guest Artist for the school visits has been surreal!  It’s an honor to be given this opportunity to share my musical gifts, and teach, impact, and inspire the amazing kids of this beautiful County! Giving back to my community is truly a blessing! Being a working music producer in the music Industry, I have collaborated with various musical artists worldwide, yet none of those experiences have been as fulfilling as this!” says Kent Murphy. Some of my favorite moments include: having the kids clap along to Stravinsky’s “Dance of The Adolescents” (Rite of Spring), teaching about the significance of a Birch Tree in ancient Russia then conducting them as they play the song on their recorders, listening to them recite & sing the words of Carl Orff “O Fortuna,”  and teaching them the beautiful melody of the Link Up theme song “Come to Play!” I especially love bringing the kids into my creative world by having them assist me in creating a live track on the spot.  There is never a dull moment! With every class and assembly I do, comes brand new memories that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life!”

Schools participating in the 2017-18 Link Up program this year: Aberdeen Elementary, Carthage Elementary, Cameron Elementary, Highfalls Elementary, Pinehurst Elementary, Robbins Elementary, Sandhills Farm Life Elementary, Southern Pines Elementary, Vass-Lakeview Elementary, West End Elementary, West Pine Elementary, Westmoore Elementary, The Academy of Moore County, Episcopal Day School, and The O’Neal School.

For more information or ways to get involved, please contact the Chair of Music Education, Susan Bartz Herrick, at her e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Pictured above 4th grade students from Aberdeen Elementary School) 

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