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Touched By The Arts – Morgan Sills

Morgan Sills

James Franco, Chris O’Dowd, and Leighton Meester are big-time A-Listers that happen to be familiar with a Moore County graduate. This man, although trying to fly under the radar for many years has now given Aberdeen Times his undivided attention. His name is Morgan Sills.

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Lifelong Learning Institute February Classes

February is the perfect month to treat yourself and learn something new by enrolling in a Lifelong Learning Institute class. Whether you are looking to learn to invest, dance, or to expand your knowledge of other cultures, you will find a class to suit your interest.

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Removing Barriers to Employment With Working Smart Program

Education and training go far to help a person get an interview, but it’s soft skills that land the job and help one keep it. A lack of critical communication and problem-solving abilities, poor work ethics, inadequate self-management and poor self-awareness can be a tremendous barrier to success.

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