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Raleigh, NC – As we approach the finalization of the conference budget report we have several key issues pieces of legislation moving through the House. Among these is House Bill 630, Rylan’s Law.

Wednesday the house voted a resounding 101-14 to concur with the version of Rylan’s Law that had been strengthened by the additions made in the Senate. I look forward to seeing this new law implemented in full force to help protect the children of the state.

Another accomplishment from the House this week relates to key reforms to regulations facing businesses and state agencies. The North Carolina House passed Senate Bill 16 Thursday, maintaining House Republicans’ ongoing commitment to streamline and simplify the state’s rulemaking processes since 2011.

Passed through a bi partisan effort, Senate Bill 16 reduces the burden of excessive state guidelines on both the private and public sector while increasing public notice requirements and citizens’ access to judicial review of new agency rules and regulations.

“One of the House’s top priorities is to identify regulatory reforms that remove barriers to economic growth and reduce the cost of doing business in North Carolina,” said House Speaker Tim Moore.

“I’m proud the North Carolina House has approved yet another proposal to fix burdensome regulations, enhance transparency and improve public input on the state’s rulemaking process.”

“The House’s latest proposal to reform excessive and unnecessary regulations empowers North Carolina taxpayers with a louder voice in the government process while increasing flexibility for businesses to grow and create jobs.”

Weekly Update


· No vote session


· Attended a State and Local Government Committee meeting

· Met with stakeholders on ABC Committee issues

· Met with concerned constituents about Senate Bill 36

· Caucused with my GOP colleagues

· Entered session at 2:00


· Hosted local Moore County officials concerned with House Bill 795

· Caucused with my GOP colleagues

· Entered Session at 1:30 PM


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