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April 16, 2019 Regular Meeting Highlights

 Sitting as East Moore Water District Board of Directors, approved minutes and deed of dedication for Brookwood subdivision phase 1A

 Received program update and funding request from Sandhills Center

 Adopted tailored plan regions position statement to provide to the NC Association of County Commissioners

 Received solid waste program update

 Approved on consent agenda: minutes, budget amendments, tax releases/refunds, board order for tourist home at 148 Rice Rd., FY19 JCPC funding plan revision, FY19 Cooperative Extension fee schedule update, deed of dedication for Longleaf Pines Storage

 Held a public hearing and approved the addition of two roads to and removal of two roads from the Moore County Road Name and Addressing Ordinance

 Held a public hearing and approved a general use rezoning from Highway Commercial B-2 to Residential and Agricultural – 20 RA-20 of an approximate 9.72 acre parcel located on Gretchen Rd. and owned by Johnny and Kathy Harris

 Held a public hearing regarding financing for the North Moore High School project

 Awarded direct bank loan RFP to Sterling National Bank for a fixed-rate installment financing agreement for a term of 20 years for North Moore High School project

 Approved Southern Health Partners contract amendment

 Authorized Cooperative Extension to accept NC Department of Agriculture Visit NC Farms Mobile App grant award of $6,000 and to accept $3,600 from the CVB for app maintenance costs, and approved associated budget amendment

 Approved purchase of two new vehicles using the remaining funds available in the Property Management FY19 vehicle budget

 Authorized Day Reporting Center to submit contract bid for Recidivism Reduction Services program

 Appointed Andy Hofmann to the CVB Board

 Appointed DeVault Clevenger to the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council

 Appointed Krystale Strickland to the Transportation Advisory Board


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