A woman was airlifted to a Trauma Center after an accident that pinned her between a passenger car and the wall of a house.

Emergency responders were dispatched around 1:00 pm to a home on South Street in Aberdeen Monday afternoon to a reported accident.

According to responders at the scene the 22 year old female had been in the backyard of the home working on a Mercury Grand Marquis and when the vehicle began to roll backwards towards the house she tried to stop it by pushing the car from behind before she became trapped. 

A second person who was inside of the home at the time of the accident came out to find the injured victim and called 911

The woman was reported to be standing upright pinned between the car and house when responders arrived on the scene. Even with multiple emergency workers attempting to push the car off of the woman responders ultimately had to use a Town of Aberdeen pickup truck to pull the car forward freeing the woman. The woman had been pinned so tightly between the two that the trunk of the car was indented several inches and the foundation of the house was damaged.

5 6 wreck picture 2

The victim was immediately loaded into an ambulance and transported to the Aberdeen Fire Department on NC Highway 211 to meet a waiting helicopter so that she could be airlifted for treatment.

5 6 wreck picture 3

Responding to this incident were units with Aberdeen Fire & Rescue, Moore County EMS, and the Aberdeen Police Department.