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On Sunday morning at approximately 1:55 am, a Manager of Kickback Jacks located at 10745 U.S. Highway 15/501 approached a Southern Pines Police Officer to report that a male was violently beating a female in a car parked near the restaurant after a person had came to the business and reported the incident.

According to law enforcement officials, the officer who was alone at this time found that the female victim was able to free herself from the vehicle. Mr. Charles Kadeem White was still in the vehicle. Mr. White was reportedly inebriated and agitated. Mr. White exited the vehicle and confronted the female victim again.

The officer interceded and stopped Mr. White from being able to assault the female. It was at this time, Mr. White became violent and combative with the officer who was protecting the victim, and at the same time, trying to get Mr. White into custody as they struggled on the ground.

A second officer arrived on the scene, and after the use of a Taser, Mr White was able to be taken into custody.

The initial arresting officer sustained cuts to his hands and legs along with other soft tissue injuries. The officer was treated and referred for follow up treatment.

Charles Kadeem White was charged with assault on a government official, resist/obstruct government  official, and intoxicated/disruptive. He was transported to the Moore County Detention Center in Carthage where he was held under a $1500.00 secure bond.

All defendants facing criminal charges are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Editors Note: We have passionate, dedicated law enforcement officers that truly care about the citizens serving here in Moore County and I see it every single day – to me an incident with an outcome such as this with this low of a bond should not be acceptable in our community. The system is obviously broken when a person can reportedly injure a police officer yet walk away hours later after posting only a $1500.00 bond. Please show your support for our local emergency responders and the next time that you see one of them take the time to say thank you for what they do. - Billy Marts Editor

(Update: It was initially reported that this incident happened in the parking lot of Kickback Jacks, the story has been changed to say “in a car parked near the restaurant”. This change was made to better clarify what occurred for readers. The fact that a person came into the business and initially reported the incident was also added to the story so readers would understand what initiated law enforcement contact with this person.)

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