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Law enforcement officers are currently on location off of NC Highway 24/27 approximately 3 miles west of Carthage searching for two suspects that were believed to be involved in an incident where shots were fired at officers near Albemarle.

The two black male suspects are currently believed to be on foot off of NC Highway 24/27 with a heavy law enforcement presence in the area. K-9 units and a helicopter are reportedly being brought in to assist in the search for the suspects.

At least one of the people is believed to possibly be armed with a rifle, with the second suspect believed to possibly be armed. Drivers are urged to avoid the NC Highway 24/27 area while this situation is being dealt with as roads are blocked.

We are in direct contact with officials and will update readers as additional details become available on this incident

UPDATE: As of around 4:00 pm the roadways in this area have been reopened, however the search of the area for the suspects by law enforcement continues.

UPDATE - We spoke with Sheriff Godfrey and as of 5:45 pm both suspects remained at large. Online rumors that one or both are in custody are not true. Residents in this part of Moore County should still use vigilance at home and when traveling. Should anyone see anything suspicious immediately call 911

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