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At Aberdeen Times, we work closely every day with EMS and local law enforcement, among others. Tuesday instead of reporting on a scene, our Editor and founder, Billy Marts found himself being the scene of a medical emergency.

Thankfully, those expertly trained EMS workers and staff at FirstHealth were quick to respond and he is on the mend. His wife Beth would like to send a huge "Thank you" to all who responded to the scene and also the staff at Moore Regional.We are all grateful for the wonderful care he has received. It is a heck of a way to get some much-needed rest but we will see to it that he does. We have taken the liberty of hiding his cell phone and scanner so he can get all the rest the doctor orders.

Beth and I, along with our wonderful team will do our very best to keep the news coming. Please be patient with us as we get our footing. It is very hard to fill the shoes of someone like Billy. Have no fear as it will not be long before Billy is back on the job. We realize that we can never do breaking news as well as he does but we will try our best.

Many of you have asked about sending cards and I am sure Billy would enjoy that. The address is:
Billy Marts, PO Box 546, Aberdeen, NC 28315

Many thanks to all of you, our loyal Aberdeen Times readers!

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