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Theresa Utley, 79, of Aberdeen is a sweet, caring lady who always puts her family and their needs first. Over the last two years, Mrs. Utley has had several medical issues. On top of this, she has hearing loss and was wearing a set of hearing aids that are not repairable.

With nowhere else to turn, Utley recently wrote a letter to the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation to see if she could get herself approved for new hearing aids.

The Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, donates hearing aids to those who are in need, and are unable to access them. Both individuals and organizations are eligible to receive assistance from the Foundation through direct nominations to Beltone or at one of its 1500 locations across North America.

“This Foundation gives us a new path to achieve this mission by helping deserving individuals and organizations in their communities enrich their quality of life,” states Michael Andreozzi, CEO of Beltone Carolina/Virginia.

In her letter, Utley wrote, “My name is Theresa Utley, I am a 79-year-old woman that was in a very bad accident. I have had five operations. I had operations on my back, neck, both shoulders, (including a total joint replacement in one.) I also had an aneurysm in my stomach which caused me to have four stents put in. I also have been having complications with my diabetes. I have lost a lot of my hearing. I am unable to work due to all of my medical problems.”

“A friend helped me borrow money to buy the hearing aids I currently have and I am still paying on them. The hearing aids are not currently working, I cannot afford to purchase any more aids”

“I have recently been helping to raise an eight-year-old boy. I cannot hear or understand what he needs anymore. He has to repeat himself several times. I am also helping an 84-year-old man who cannot read or write. It is important for me to be able to hear when I go to the doctor or when I take my friend to the doctor. My son has also had open heart surgery and three strokes. I was unable to hear half of what the doctors were saying when they were talking to my family and I.”

“I am also unable to hear at church and always having to ask the person next to me to repeat what the minister said. I am also having to turn my TV up to 80 and it is driving my family crazy but it is the only way I can hear what is being said on the TV. I hope you can help me so that I can enjoy the things I love.”

Thanks to the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation and Beltone Carolina/Virginia, Theresa Utley will be able to hear everyone and everything again. She was approved for new hearing aids and was fitted with them today at 10:30 AM here at The Beltone Hearing Center, located at 1701 North Sandhills Blvd, Suite G, Aberdeen, NC.

About Beltone
Throughout its 77-year history, Beltone has helped enrich the quality of life for countless hearing-impaired individuals in the United States and around the world. By combining new technologies and superior care, the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation will give many more people the opportunity to hear. For more information, please visit



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