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1 7 sp water break

The extreme cold weather that has surrounded the region this past week continues to cause problems across the Sandhills.

In the latest event Town of Southern Pines Public Works staff have spent much of Sunday in temperatures near 20 degrees working to repair two water main breaks in the same line.

The breaks are in an 8 inch water main along Old US Highway 1 between US Highway 1 and South Bennett Street. Fortunately this particular line only services an area directly around Old US Highway 1 limiting the impact on other areas of the town according to Public Works officials.

1 7 sp water break 2

This is only the most recent report of problems with water pipes in municipal systems as well as at numerous commercial facilities and residential homes since the extreme cold temperatures arrived this past week.

Although most primary highways are now clear, the NC Department of Transportation and many municipal public works agencies continue working to make sure that secondary and residential roads are free of ice. If you are on the roadway please drive the appropriate speed for the current road conditions at the time.

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When going outside people are reminded to wear clothing that will keep you warm and dry. Dress in layers and do not forget gloves, a hat/toboggan for your head and a scarf. Subfreezing temperatures can quickly cause frostbite and even death.

If current forecast remain correct high temperatures in the upper 50’s and low 60’s will finally be back here in Moore County by the end of this week, however bitter cold temperatures are here to stay for a few more days.


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