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A local resident placed homemade protest signs on the Welcome To Aberdeen sign beside of Biscuitville on US Highway 1 in Aberdeen Monday morning.

Aberdeen Times reporters were notified of the signs and immediately went to the location just before 10:30 am. Upon our arrival there was a verbal argument occurring between the African-American man that placed the signs and a Caucasian female about the signs content and placement.

Aberdeen Police Department responded to the reported argument and quickly deescalated the situation once the first officer reached the scene.

Arthur Darby Jr. who placed the signs spoke with law enforcement about why the signs had been placed and what they stood for.

Mr. Darby stated that he was involved in an incident with Aberdeen law enforcement Saturday night with a traffic stop and was frustrated about the experience that he had.

When speaking with Aberdeen Times this morning Mr Darby stated that his protest today “is not about a racial standpoint, but from an American standpoint”.

A Deputy Chief with the Aberdeen Police Department explained to Mr Darby that he could not place roadside signs in Aberdeen without the proper permit and that he could not cover the Town of Aberdeen’s sign. The signs were then removed by officers

After a brief exchange between officers and the protestor he got back into his vehicle with a family member and left the area.

Todays incident occurred in front of several witnesses with people taking pictures and videotaping parts of what occurred including the verbal argument and interactions between Mr Darby and law enforcement.


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