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We are excited to be rolling out a completely updated version of the AberdeenTimes.Com website in the coming weeks ahead. Besides being the dedicated local news source Aberdeen Times has worked so hard to become known for over the past 7+ years, this updated version of the website brings a great new look along with many upgrades, changes and additions to make it even easier for our readers to find the news they can use.

These upcoming improvements are something we have been working on for a long time, and we are happy to be able to be bringing our readers this very much new and improved version of our local news site.

In addition to the improvements to our website, our readers will also notice upcoming changes to our Social Media pages that help keep people connected with Aberdeen Times including a new look and much more. Please bear with us during these updates and thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue working harder to serve you better.

When we started AberdeenTimes.Com in 2011 Beth and I set out to launch a reliable local news source that people could count on to bring them accurate, up to the minute, important local area news. It is our belief that these new updates to AberdeenTimes.Com will help us to continue working towards this mission in a positive way making the website more functional and easier to use across a variety of mediums including desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

One of the primary reasons we are sharing about these upcoming changes now, is that the day that this improved version will be launched is coming in the near future and we do not want readers to be surprised or automatically assume that they have reached the wrong site with the totally different look when they initially visit for the first time after the upgrade. We will continue keeping readers updated about the upgrade launch date and will share again shortly before these changes actually go live.

We look forward to continuing serving the citizens here for years to come and would like to thank our many readers and local business advertisers for all of your support.

Watch for this new and much improved version of the AberdeenTimes.Com website coming online very soon with more details to come.

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