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On an October morning in Aberdeen a young girl was getting ready for school just like most other school days, when her routine day was changed into anything but. 11-year-old Brooke Williams had walked out to realize that she had missed her bus, so she turned around and returned home. She walked back in the house and found her mother unconscious on the floor of her room pinned between the bed and a night stand with her mother’s throat and head across the top of the bed. On Tuesday Brooke was recognized on the House floor in Raleigh by local and state officials for her calm reaction and quick thinking.

Local emergency officials stated that after Brooke found her mother on the floor, she immediately called 911 for help. Local 911 operators Heather Willett and Teresa Nall answered Brook’s call and dispatched emergency units while staying on the phone with the young girl until emergency first responders could reach the home. While waiting on the emergency units to arrive Brooke was able to tilt her mothers head back enough to ensure she would not choke from being pinned in the position she had been found.

According to officials, two officers from the Aberdeen Police Department were the first to arrive at the home located on Bonnie Brooke Court. Aberdeen Police Department Deputy Chief Carl Colasacco stated that Brooke calmly and bravely helped them locate her mother’s medicines as well as assist officers with her upset younger siblings that were also in the house at the time, while fire and EMS workers who had arrived attended to her mother in the next room.

Once Brooke’s father who had been on his way to work returned home and her mother was transported to the hospital by ambulance, Brooke rode to school with a local Aberdeen Police officer and after letting the school principal along with the guidance counselor know what had happened, Brooke went to class almost picking up her day where she had left off only a short time ago.

While in Raleigh on Tuesday Brooke was given a special Certificate on the House floor from the State of North Carolina recognizing her for her courageous actions when the incident occurred on October 25th.


In a statement from Representative Jamie Boles he said “It was an honor to celebrate and recognize Brooke Williams for her bravery on the House floor this week. She is an exceptional member of our community who was able to assist her mother and the rest of her family in a medical emergency. It was a pleasure having Brooke, the rest of the Williams family, 9-1-1 operators Heather Willett, Teresa Nall and supervisor Jason Steele school principal Marcy A. Cooper, School Resource Officer Henry Shamburger and Aberdeen Deputy Police Chief Carl Colasacco in Raleigh. It is encouraging to hear about wonderful members of the youth community in Aberdeen such as Brooke. I wish Brooke and her family the best and welcome them back to the General Assembly anytime they would like. “

While interviewing Brooke and her father Derek Williams for this article, her father said they could not be prouder of the 6th grade student at Southern Middle School who wants to become a Pediatric Neurologist.

From the team here at Aberdeen Times we would also like to recognize Brooke for her quick thinking and calm actions and express to her what a great job she did helping her mother and other family members that day.


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