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FirstHealth CEO To Retire July 2019

(Pinehurst) - David Kilarski, Chief Executive Officer of FirstHealth of the Carolinas, outlined his plan for retirement at the end of July 2019 to the Board of Directors at its meeting on October 16, 2018. “I have been honored to serve with an amazing group of employees, volunteers, and physicians these past seven years and will cherish my time at FirstHealth,” Kilarski said.

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Cutting Down on Sugar Will Lead to Healthier Teeth

(By: Ron Barbanel) - Sugary foods sure do taste good, but the only good they are doing is electrifying your taste buds. The ugly truth about sugar is it causes weight gain, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease and even affects your mental awareness. Even worse, sugar is a big factor when it comes to tooth decay and periodontal disease. We're marking up sugar to be the bad guy, because it is!

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