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Parenting & Child Care

Building Block Toys For Kids

(By: Sharon Taff) - All kids love Blocks. There are many different kinds of blocks on the market: small, large, colorful, interlocking, different shapes, wood, metal, foam and plastic. Even though blocks are a simple toy, they are an essential, effective, developmental and educational tool for kids.

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Helping Angry children

(By: Gemma Bailey) - Anger has it’s benefits, it gives us a source of energy, of release and in some cases even acknowledgement and attention. However anger is a great mask, especially in children. It is a process they use for communicating that which they cannot verbally say, perhaps because they have not yet acquired the language or communication skills to be able to do so, perhaps because although they have the skills to articulate what they need to say, a kind of emotional or mental blockage prevents them from doing it.

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Tips for Your Child's Happy Bedtime

(By: S. Livengood) - There are many factors contributing to your child's bedtime attitude. So many different personalities, every child is different. Some are geared to stay awake at night longer than others. Some are willing to go to bed with no resistance. Some resist greatly and some fall asleep before they get there.

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The Importance of Mothers

By: Dallan Manscill - Studies of have shown how important mothers are in the development of their children. For an infant, development is facilitated when bonding between mother and baby occurs. At one time it was believed that food provided by mothers was what caused infants to bond with their mothers. Studies proved that wrong and showed there is more to how and why infants bond to their mothers.

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