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(By: Irene Waltraf) - Snakes are often looked at as horrible, sticky creatures from the dark. This negative impression keeps a lot of potential snake owners from adopting a pet snake. However this falsehood can often be corrected in just one touch as a prospective new owner first interacts with a snake and realizes all those preconceived notions where nothing more than hype.

Colorful and intriguing, snakes have been loved by pet owners around the world for years. They are great to interact with, holding them and letting them wrap themselves around your arm. You can spend hours watching them as they move around, or be bored silly as they lay there and do nothing for hours at a time. Now as entertaining and fascinating as they are, they are no substitute for the companionship of a dog or a cat. Our furry friends have something that can't be easily replaced. However, there is no reason there cannot be both in your life.

Snakes, one of the easiest animals to care and feed, endear themselves to many pet owners for the minimal effort it takes to maintain their lifestyle in a healthy and happy way. One of the biggest chores is to set up the snake enclosure initially. You will want to put in the correct substrate, things to climb on and hide in, heating, humidity monitors, and the list goes on. However once the first setup is complete, the maintenance is pretty trivial. You'll want to ensure your snake has a clean cage, and plenty of fresh water, but other than feeding them, that is it.

Now feeding time is where most new snake owners could run into issues. Snakes don't eat grass and leaves, they eat other animals. That is nature, and there is no changing it. Some people they are squeamish about feeding their snake a live mouse or rat, and watching it kill its prey. However this is how it survives in the wild, and how it lives naturally. You may be able to eventually get your snake to eat frozen mice, but this may take him a little getting used to. We'll cover that in another article.

Snakes are a great pet to have. If you can get by the onset issues of setting up the cage and feeding your snake, you will have many wonderful years of enjoyment. Finding the right type of snake for you is important, and I recommend a lot of research online to find out more about the care and feeding of snakes before you jump right into your purchase.