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(By: Sherri Cash) - Are you entertaining the idea of assisting your independence and freedom in your older age with a mobility scooter? The addition of one for getting around your home or town can be infinitely beneficial, from accelerated speeds to cruise and less stress on hips and knees from foot travel.

With Medicare potentially covering a significant amount of the price of a scooter, your new-found freedom does not have to add and strain on your wallet. The first step to acquiring a mobility scooter for Medicare consideration is a doctor’s consultation. Together, you will isolate whatever your mobility needs are and determine which variety of model would be best for your lifestyle.

Typically, Medicare can cover up to eighty percent of your mobility scooter cost if your machine’s need is predominantly be at home, assuming basic daily mobility difficult for the user. Many times, your private health coverage will account for the remaining twenty percent of the scooter’s cost, naturally varying with you plan. Your doctor them submits his recommendation to Medicare, and you are closer to the independence provided by your new vehicle!

Upon approval, it is time for you to decide which model is most suitable and within the price range that you are working. There are so many options when it comes to the mobility scooter that you would add to your travel options. Some resemble small three or four-wheeled motorcycles, others are can be disassembled easily and pack into a car, and others are perfect for nature travel and powerful enough to stay mobile for long periods. If you need a scooter for easy car transportation or frequently personal flight, there are some very convenient models called "travel scooters" which fold up easily and are lightweight.

If you are looking for something that has a little more power and go take you longer distances without necessitating frequent battery charge, you can look at larger models of mobility scooters. These full sized scooters can additionally carry more weight a senior may carry, with some heavy-duty models able to hold three hundred to four hundred pounds! If mobility is an issue for you or someone that you care for, mobility scooters are excellent for keeping passengers safe from spills which may result from weakened joints in walking. For whatever your needs may be, there is a vehicle suitable for senior travel- be it getting around your property to making a run to meet friends for coffee.

Examples can be found online here, however there are many providers including here locally. 


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